Monday, June 30, 2008

Will small vibrations turn into earthquake?

What a start? As the week started to unfold, I saw many political maneuvers going on. Rather than saying it is interesting, I would say it is frightening.

1. The Perak state ADUN made a racial remark when she wanted to know whether the speaker agrees to disagree on the statement of beating a snake or a person from a certain race first. - BN the saviour of all races........!

2. It seems to be OK when MCA President Ong Ka Ting said he is not going contest for the Presidents post. Some of his down lines too announced that they will not contest for the posts available in the party. Making way for new blood or withdrawing from internal fights are deemed as mutual benefit for all.

3. When people were in the midst of evaluating whether these "not to contest" moves are good or not, there came a bomb saying that someone lodged a police report saying that Anwar Ibrahim "sodomised" him.

I have heard the great phrase, "History repeats itself", but in this situation there are 2 histories repeating itself.
a) "sodomy accusations" and
b) "political conspiracy accusation"

Regardless of which is true, at the end, it seems like we have a "lose lose" situation.

Let it be the sodomy charges are true, then that's the end of new era for Pakatan Rakyat.
Let it be the conspiracy charges are true, then where is the present government's true spirit of serving people with honesty.

The government may outrightly say that they have nothing to do with this matter, but unfortunately, people would not accept the government's statement. It is because the direct beneficiary of this accusation is the ruling government, not any individual.

4. Malaysia seems not safe anymore when you speak from your heart.

a) Waythamoorthy of Hindraf is in Britain
b) Anwar Ibrahim in Turkish Embassy in Malaysia

Buddha said that, when you are in trouble or unable to decide, go back to the beginning.
Nature's teaching also says the same.
But, most of the time people refuse to go back to the beginning. They are so stubborn, therefore, mother nature forces the people by creating disasters in many forms (fire, flood, wind, earthquake and so on). By these natural disasters, things are forced to go back at least few steps. Then people repent and starts to move on with more cautious mindset. All natural disasters start with minor movements or activities. Later it turns huge and creates unrecoverable damages.

Similarly, the political situation in Malaysia is having many small vibrations.

Will all these small vibrations sums up to a political earthquake?


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can you try?

I attended a training on "Enhancing Managerial Skills" few months ago.

The trainer was an interesting guy. He highlighted one point which I think forces you to see from another angle.

He said, "Don't try." It is either you do it or not at all.

I was wondering, isn't it that we have been trained to give our best and try our best. Never give up without trying. And what is this guy talking about "Don't try."

The class was in chaos, some whispered, some were loud, some just giggled.

The trainer asked, "What is wrong?". One of us answered, "Trying is actually the highest action a human can do. Why are you asking us not to try?"

He asked, "Can you try to sit?", "Can you try to stand?", "Can you try to eat?", "Can you try to kick a ball?"

At that point, we saw light at the end of the tunnel. When someone ask you to try to sit and you actually sat, this is conflicting with the request. The requester didn't ask you to sit but he just ask you to try to sit.

Therefore his point was, change your mindset to be a person who accomplishes things and not a person who would be happy that he has given his best effort and left the end result (which could be success or failure) to other forces/factors. Have control in all your activities. Decide the result that you want. Don't just try, achieve it.

Now, can you try doing that.


Friday, June 13, 2008

I miss you, I miss you not !

As you would have known, I am now baby sitting my 2 children (aged 12 and 9). I have been playing the role of mother for the past 3 weeks. My wife went to her native place and is coming back tomorrow. It means that today will be my last day of holding full responsibilities of the children.

Last night, I sat down together with my children and asked whether they missed their mom. My daughter paused for a moment. My son straight away asked, "What does 'missed your mom' means?".

That question threw me into a new world.

I explained to my son that, if he feels like want to see his mom or need to talk to her or ask her or hug her, then that is what we call as "missing you" feeling.

My son shook his head and said "No". My daughter was a little more elaborate. She said that, we talked to mom very frequently (we even called her to check where did she keep her dress), all our needs were somehow fulfilled and we were engaged on some kind of activities throughout.

I didn't want to continue this topic with my children any more because, I thought that they will be pressuring themself to have the feeling of "miss someone". Based on their statement, I believe that as long as they are engaged on some kind of activities, they will have no time to have the feeling of missing someone. Apart from that telephones kept all of together all the time.

Hugging and patting are normal act in our family, therefore the children always get some hugging and patting from someone all the time. So, my children did not even miss that part in order to invoke the "miss" feeling.

My question is, must wehave the "miss you feeling" when someone has to be away from someone for a certain period of time?

If you don't "miss" that person, does it mean you don't value them in your life?
If you "miss" that person, does it mean you have high value for them?

Can I say, my children did not have any "miss you" feeling because thay never thought that their mother was away from them.

Anyhow this conclusion is just for my children.

As for me (the husband of this person who is away for 3 weeks) I miss her, I miss her I miss and I regret that the 3 weeks is coming to and end.!

Is it a must that we should have an answer for : I miss you, I miss you not! question?