Monday, July 28, 2008

Latest information of the current time.....

My family members were discussing about a wrist watch -Tag Heuer - in our family egroup . I made some look-up and indicated few points to signify the wrist watch and its worth. I highlighted it as, "Simple wrist watch with hour, minute and seconds hands". One of my cousin brother (K. Kumar) made a great remark which I cannot erase off from my memory.

He said, "With the hour, minute and seconds hand included – you can actually have the latest information of the current time (which normally changes every second…) – That’s amazing ..!!"

Till then I didn't realise that the current time changes every second.

What a great guy. As usual, something will trigger something and my thoughts went to wonder around on how else watches are being designed. I came across a website/blogspot with an exciting name "adult style watches", although my mind knew it could not be something wrong, my mind was still expecting something else......!

They were showing and reviewing unique watches.

The one which caught my attention is called as "Shinshoku".

I don't know how practical it is but if you are able to count 1-14 correctly, you should be able to use this watch easily.

The Red LED indicates the hour (1 to 12 LED), The Green LED indicates completion of 15 minutes {0 green LED, 0 minutes, 1 green LED, 15 minute, 2 green LED, 3 minutes, 3 green LED, 45 minutes, The Yellow LED indicates 1 to 14 minutes which you are supposed to add together with the green LEDs.}

All these technologies are developed because we need to know the latest information of the current time.... (which normally changes every second)


Friday, July 18, 2008

Red, green, yellow and white - my garden

One recent Sunday, I woke up quite early (7am), since I was up early, my wife asked me to send my daughter to her extra class at 8am. (Lesson learnt - do not wake up early on Sunday morning).

After dropping my daughter in her class, I was at home wondering what to do. I saw my camera bag and decided to do some house-keeping like charging the batteries, downloading the pictures, clearing up the memory card and so on. Suddenly it crossed my mind on why not shoot some pictures of the flowers and greenery around my house. There goes the "house-keeping" idea and started a new mess in the house. All the items inside my camera bag were out and scattered around the living hall.

Apart from the mess inside the house, things outside my house started to get messy. You know, we have to believe that we are "professional" photographers in order to get good pictures. This requires changing of the flower pot locations, the direction of the flowers, putting some boxes to raise the height of the plants, chairs to give the so called professional photographer some height to get super pictures and so on. Please remember, my wife was not around the house when this was happening.

The photography fiesta started and my God, it was really great. I really enjoyed the session and admired the greatness of my camera (note this point: admired the camera, not the so called professional photographer).

Although I tried some manual changes in the settings, I still liked the auto mode. I was happy with the pictures and felt good. Like what I said in my earlier writing, the "feel good" that I get from this camera is the return of my investment.

When I looked at the pictures, I noticed that I have a very distinguished colour compilation, and this represents my garden.

Red, green, yellow and white - my garden.


The pictures can be viewed at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Want to believe it or not, it is your choice !

Yesterday’s (15th July 08) debate between Anwar and Shabery on reducing the petrol price made me recall a word I heard long time ago, “SCOTOMA”. Meaning extracted from dictionaries sounds like this :-

A scotoma (Greek: darkness; plural: "scotomas" or "scotomata") is an area or island of loss or impairment of visual acuity surrounded by a field of normal or relatively well-preserved vision.Every normal mammalian eye has a scotoma in its field of vision, usually termed its blind spot. The presence of this normal scotoma does not intrude into consciousness because it is very small, but it can be demonstrated to oneself by the simplest of clinical methods (such as the one in the blind spot article).

Apart from this one word, the debate also helped me to recall a phrase,

“The mind sees what it wants to see”.

Who was the winner of this debate?

I think the question should be whom do you want to be the winner?
Anwar or Shabery?

Relating this to the phrase “The mind sees what it wants to see”, made me ask myself what I wanted from this debate.

The 41%hike in petrol price really took a damaging hit on my family’s daily life. The chain effect of the price hike throughout the supply chain made me dig into my pocket much more deeper. Therefore when I was watching the debate, my mind already tuned it’s radar to look for something good that will soothe my mind and hopefully in real life later.

Automatically, the debate itself has put me on the biased side where, one guy is saying that the price increase is unavoidable and another guy is saying that the price can be reduced. At this juncture I need not to justify my “wants”. It is clear that I am looking for price reduction. My mind started to look for good things that are coming from Anwar’s mouth. On the other hand, whatever Shabery is saying seems to be excuses. Again, remember the prejudice of the mind which has already set it’s mind to be biased. We are human and when the situation is related to our daily life we tend to look for what we want.

This term can be further understood if you look at the scenario of being a jury in a court hearing. If you are one of the victims or related to the victim, you indirectly have compromised your judgment. Therefore you will be looking for statements, points, arguments, evidences, circumstances to substantiate in finding the accused guilty. But if you are totally independent, whereas you are neither related nor linked to the victim or the accused, you will weigh the court proceedings neutrally.

This is the scenario of the people watching Anwar Shabery debate yesterday. I believe all of us were looking for something good. I am very sure that we were never open to the point where the price hike is justified. We were a group of biased people (I don’t mean to offend, that is the reality).

On the word “scotoma”, which I would like to term it in simple as “blind spot”, comes on both debaters. If you really watched closely, you will see some true colours of the debaters prevailing. The blind spot is not visible to us until someone tells us that these things were missing. Anwar termed effected people as “petani”, “nelayan”, ”bumiputera Melayu”, “bumiputera Sabah Sarawak”, “segelintir Cina miskin”, “kaum India di estate”. This point should be looked deeper. What is his actual perception or principal in “serving equally” to all the people. When he defined poverty based on their livelihood activities and race, what does it reflect? Need a lot of thinking on this matter.

As for Shabbery, how can he fail to see that the price hike is not effecting all the people. All the people means: people from the ruling party too. The way he avoided this fact makes me uncomfortable. Or could it be that the people from the ruling party is not effected by the price hike……I don’t know.

Since the mind wants some good feeling, I think the debate has given a little “feel good” to many. Why many feel good? Because if Anwar forms the government, the petrol price will be down by RM0.50 and can even go further down in the future. Want to believe it or not, it is your choice !


I surfed some website and saw some interesting comments on the Anwar Shabbery debate, browse through on your interest.

“petani” – farmers
“nelayan” – fishermen
”bumiputera Melayu” – son of the soil status local Malays
“bumiputera Sabah Sarawak” – son of the soil of Sabah Sarawak
“segelintir Cina miskin” – A small group of poor Chinese
“kaum India di estate” – Indian ethnic in estates