Monday, August 18, 2008

Choose your camera

Every event is great and the only way to capture them and relive them is by registering them in your memory. Unfortunately, all things cannot be registered in the memory. Or, maybe the brain is capable of registering everything but you cannot retrieve it when you other word you forget.

Then came the technology to help you to remember these great moments. Photographs ! Yes, photographs helps you to remember back that great moment. A simple glance at the photo and your entire life brightens up. Your memory travels back to that moment and you re-live that moment again.

That is the greatness of a photo and all these can happen because there is a device called camera. You want to choose a good camera, you can refer to the great cameraman for their advise, but usually they don't have time to advise you. That leaves you with the next best method - check the kind of camera these professional cameraman use.

Attached herewith is a photo of great cameramen. Currently they are on a critical assignment, They have no time to talk to you but you can see the types of cameras they are using. You can see the type of lens they have and also the colour of the cameras; seldom see white colours on big cameras.

* Note how they use big zooms to take a picture of person standing so near to them.

Please choose your camera.

you can visit the below mentioned site to read about a photographer who is covering the Beijing 2008 Swimming event. Quite interesting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cheers on somebody's failure !

Hungarian Formula 1 race for the 2008 season was held last Sunday 3rd August. My family and few other friends gathered at my brother's house in Penang. It was actually 2 in 1 gathering. My nephew's (S. Yoga) birthday was on the 4th and since it was a Monday we decided to celebrate it on the 3rd August. the race starts at 8:00pm Malaysian time (2:00pm Hungarian time).

I think I need to state it clearly that we are McLaren Mercedes supporters - our favourite drivers are Lewis Hamilton and Heiki Kovailanen.

The pole position was a great advantage for our team. Lewis was on position 1, Heiki on position 2, Felipe (Ferrari) was on 3rd position and Kimi (Ferrari) was on the 6th position.

We were very happy that our team had great advantage and we thought it is going to be a one two win for McLaren. Everything went crushing when Felipe made a great start and managed to squeeze himself to the front by overtaking Heiki and Lewis at the beginning of the race itself.

We were very disappointed and started the usual cursing tactic on the Ferrari. To add to our outcry, Lewis car had a punture and had to drive half the circuit on slow speed before coming into the pitstop to change the tires. He re-entered the circuit at the 10 position and managed to reach 6th position at his maximum speed. Things looked as if Felipe will win this race, Heiki will be 2nd and Lewis will be in the 6th position, but something we were longing to see happened suddenly. Felipe's Ferrari had an engine failure at the 67th lap (total laps 70).

His car came to a dead stop and he was out of the race.
At that point you should see my brother's house, it was filled with victory shouts.
I wonder why were we very happy at somebody's failure.

This does not only happen when we are supporting our favourite team (of any sports) but also happens in our life. We tend to pay less attention and put in less effort in our work. We want easy victory, we don't want competition. We rather pray for the other people's failure in order for us to feel happy although we did not win either.

We tend to cheer for other people's failure rather than cheering for our own victory. Anyhow the Hungarian Formula 1 race was great, we had a great time and we were very happy. Just think about it.....if you have time.

Cheers on somebody's actually jeers to ourself.....................


* In the 1st picture, you can see how Felipe managed to squeeze himself from the 3rd position to the 1st position and in the 2nd picture you can see Felipe's car breaksdown with smoke coming out at the rear.