Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live with an objective that never ends.

I have a lot of table roses (Japanese Rose) in my house. I grow them not because of passion or love for gardening or interest in the environment, but just because it is the easiest thing to plant and grow.
I have wonderful colours in my collection. The best part of these flowers is, it blossom at around 9:00am and wilt by noon. What a short time to show off its glamour and beauty. It makes me think whether its worth to blossom and live a life as a flower just for a few hours. What glory can it gain in such a short period. Most of us leave the house before 8 and only return in the evening. We can only see the buds early in the morning before its full blossom.
I understand that orchids stay up to 2 to 3 weeks. Naturally its beauty is incomparable in the flower kingdom. To the title of being the most beautiful flower, it stays long to contribute to visual desire of man.
Although both table roses and orchids have one thing in common, which is its unique beauty but both have totally different life cycles. One stays for only few hours and the other for weeks. Yet, something makes both of them feel useful to this world and mankind.
Both knows that as a flowering plant, it should keep on giving new blossoms as the old one withers. Regardless to the life cycle of the blossoms, the plant continues to paint the world with its blossoms add a smile to every human in this world. The objective of the plants are not just to flower once but evertime the old one falls. The cycle never ends.

Live with an objective that never ends.

* The pictures are not mine

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Man and his dollar sense.

It is quite surprising to see how much a man’s life is entangled in the world of “dollars” and “cents” (use your own country currency for the phrases).

I have seen people who has money that can only make them swim through their life on daily basis and I have also seen people who has money that can drown them. Let’s term them as “1” for those who live on daily earning basis and “10” for those who live in a world which fits a king (damn rich).

Most of the people I had known from the category “1” are sincere and lives a faithful life (here I am referring to only those whom I specifically know). I do have a lot of friends that comes from the category “10”. These are the people whom I admire the most.

Please note that I am a true believer of the “Ying Yang” theory. If somebody says that you can learn a lot of good traits from the rich people, I also say that we can learn a lot of bad traits from these people. Simple philosophy, learn the good and practice them, learn the bad and avoid from practicing them.

I just wanted to narrate a story on how a well to do people behaved and what should we learn from them (actually learn what we should not do when we have wealth).

The conversation with this person was rather unique. When I asked them how was the journey. Their answer: We paid RM300.00 for a service that was only worth RM120.00.

How was the food? Answer : The coffee was only worth RM0.70 but we were charged RM2.50, the meal could not be a single cents more than RM3:00 but we had to pay RM7:50. The canned drink was OK but they charged us extra RM0.20 compared to the local grocery store. How did you come to work this morning? I took the RM15.00 taxi. What movie did you see last weekend? I saw RM10.00 movie at the mall. You had a haircut, nice! I had my haircut at the city centre for RM40.00

For these people, everything seems to be translated to “dollar” and “cents”. Everything is referred in relation to dollar and cent. They won’t understand if you don’t include the cost of the product or the service you receive. Money, money, money……………everything had to be said in terms of money.

This person caught me off balance when he asked me why am I writing in the blog. I told him that I get to practice my writing skill, improve my language and it gives me satisfaction.

This person laughed when I said I get satisfaction. He asked me, “Do you get paid for this?” I said, “No”. And he said what the hell you are writing for?

Should we get paid for everything we do? Can’t we do anything if there is no money in it? I was ready to put up my arguments on this issue but I got a lightning strike in my mind saying that it will be like talking to a wall with this person.

Every thing we do (good or bad) will return to us in many ways. Some are returned in the form of money and some are returned in other forms. Many people appreciate all that comes to them regardless of what form it comes back but some will only accept if it comes in the form of money.

I am not saying that money is not important but we should not lose our sense of being a human with feelings. Man should know his dollar sense limits.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Judgment by judges, beyond politics

Writing openly about ISA (Internal Security Act) detention is something sensitive in Malaysia. It is even worse if you do so about an ISA detainee. It shall be nightmare if you talk about the Minister who signed the detention.

Therefore all are refrained from discussing this matter. If no one is talking, then the whole issue becomes one sided story. The authority talks, the rest listen. No questions can be asked because ISA is a prevention act.

On the 12th of Sept, a journalist, an opposition MP and Malaysia Today editor were arrested under ISA. The whole country cried foul. But the decision was defended and upheld firmly. Anyhow, the journalist was freed within 24 hours and the opposition party MP was released a week later. Unfortunately the editor was kept much longer.

There were legal tussle between the editor’s legal team and the authority for some time. Surprisingly, on the 7th of Nov., the editor was released by the court. Surprise is the most appropriate word because, in general, the courts are deemed as an extension of the government and the government shall decide based on political pro and con.

It is my personal believe that, all Malaysian courts’ verdict are weighed against the effect and impact to the ruling government.

Hopefully no judges are reading this. I think that I am not totally wrong when I say, all verdicts tend to lean towards ruling government. Or, at least, the verdict doesn’t create damage to the ruling party.

The verdict on the RPK (the editor – Raja Petra Kamaruddin) was something very surprising because it puts the Minster and the authority in hot soup. The detention order was found to be non compliance with the related act. Rakyat (people) now questions the ability of the Minister and the authority in making such decisions.

Even worse, the Minister and the authority now have to challenge the court’s decision in order to protect their mistakes. They may also find other ways to detain RPK again. Rather than finding the right act and method to detain RPK, I hope the Minister and the authority will spend more time and effort to investigate the facts on why RPK is considered as a threat and justify it.

RPK’s release is a milestone in Malaysia courts (I guess), it was indeed a great surprise and I remember reading that RPK himself was surprised. This incident proves that judgment by the judge was beyond politics.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Man calls this creativity and innovation

As you all know, all human beings want to live an enjoyable life in this wonderful natural world. Whoever designed this world and the life form has designed it in perfect order. The designer, who is called as GOD or an unknown force or an unknown energy is accepted to exist in one way or another. Regardless of what it is, let’s just call it as “the designer”.

The designer made the world and the life form, in a way where both need each other for survival. The designer also fulfilled the “sufficiency and compatibility” aspect by preparing remedies for unforeseen situations. In simple English : designed “natural” medicines” apart from the “natural food”.

Whatever man needs to live a simple and peaceful life, are readily available in natural form. The designer gave the man an efficient brain in order to run the “life form” which it lives in. Addition to that, the brain also has the capability to handle the so called “unforeseen situations”.

Remember, the brain should act and re-act to natural requirement of the life form in accordance to the environment surrounding the life form.

Anyhow, it is difficult to say when and how man started to “abuse” the brain in order to “over drive” the designer’s natural world.

Man started to demand more from his environment. The “brain”, which, normally responds to the natural requirement of the life form and the natural effects of the world, is being triggered to think on pursuing things which are being artificially deemed necessary for life forms in this world.

Since the brain is capable of fulfilling man’s “artificially” created demands, the man, started to push the brain even harder to achieve more, actually, abuse more. Artificial requirements now change to greed and ego. Man wants more and more. Man forgets the equilibrium balance between life form and environment. The general theory of “yin yang” is relentlessly destroyed.

Man is abusing the environment.
Man thought he is in control over environment.
Man sees the environment as his slave to his insatiable desires.
Man feels that, environment cannot fight back.

Man calls this "creativity" and "innovation".


Man forgot that environment doesn’t fight back but obliterate without mercy.

Use the brain to “create” without destroying the nature,
Use the brain to “innovate” without interrupting the nature.

Read below link to get the feel of how development without environment protection damages everything.