Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teacher……….One God, many forms

Last weekend I met a few old extreme friends. You may wonder why the word extreme is used for these friends. These particular friends are the type that won’t lose in any type of argument. After recalling so many “missed” events, I thought of starting the war. It is nothing wrong to start a war between “very well” known friends. This particular group is a matured group and they know their limits and they know how to reconcile back. I have seen arguments going to the centre of the earth and they come out laughing their hearts out.

The point for the argument was simple, “How many teachers are there?”

We didn’t put it to a debate of whether there is “teacher” or “no teacher”, all accepted that “teacher” existed. We turned dice on, “How many teachers are there”.

One was the smallest number (since Zero was not accepted in our argument). Countless was the biggest number. The arguing group was from a vast knowledge based people. I even had a Phd. in the team.
  1. There have to be many teachers because we have so many things to learn.

In the 1st round of argument everyone accepted that there are many teachers. One teacher most probably cannot teach a lot of subjects. The most one teacher could teach is around 3 or 4 subjects (there could be more, but let’s keep those teachers in a safe place).

  1. If there are many teachers then whom should we choose?

Such a simple question was twisted at the beginning of the argument. We should get the maths teacher, no……., we should get the science teacher, no……., we should get history teacher, no…….., and the argument went on with many strong prolific reasons. Then one smart guy asked, who is the student?

You see, there can be many answers, but if you want a right answer then you need to know what is the right question. The question was not complete. The question should have been re-phrased to, “Which teacher should be selected for the student who has interest in science or maths or geography or music or language?” The interest of the student must be taken into consideration.

Looks like we have settled the argument in a simple manner.

Now for the fun of it, try to replace “teacher” with “God”.

Is the one God or many Gods?
Which God should I select?
All depends on what I want?
There are Gods for every aspect of human’s life.

I just relate this writing to Hinduism because it I have some fundamental knowledge in it. There is nothing against any other religion and my respect to all other religion are equal.

Hinduism believes in one God that exist in many forms. True to its core, God is similar to a teacher, there is only one teacher, this teacher takes many type of forms to teach what we want to learn. Every subject has a different approach in conveying its message, therefore the teacher should equip themselves with proper accessories in order to teach. That is the reason different Gods in Hinduism are displayed with many accessories.

OK, how about those who says there is no God? Don’t they have any teacher?

Actually there is nothing wrong to say that there is no teacher, their actual teacher is the nature and that is the one thing that no one can deny.

GOD, religion and nature are a guide to our well being in this lovely world. There is no scale that can evaluate and give you a result on which is better. All has different names and different approaches. In these many differences, one similarity lives on….that is "Do Good and live happily".

Teacher……….One God, many forms

I attach a link “Tribute to a teacher” which describes a teacher and how the teacher has shared. Let your mind ponder on these issues and you will see the connection on this topic.



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fairy Tale

I came across a blog with a nice simple and short story, indeed, it was a very short story, maybe it qualifies for the award stated in the name of the title itself "worlds shortest fairy tale".


The short story was based on the format used by bestsellers. They have part 1, then part 2 in order to make more money.

In this story, the author says that the girl lived happily after the boy said no to her marriage proposal.

Part 2 in my opinion shall hold the underlying truth where the boy also lived happily after when the girl didn't insist on hime getting married with her.

This reminds me of a Tamil movie which showed 2 lovers who were in deep love and got married, but later due to irreconcilable differences got separated. It was a shock to all on why they wanted to get separated. It was very clear to all their friends that they were an ideal couple. They understand each other very well. Then why did they got separated?

The answer was very simple, they understand each other very well therefore they came to a unanimous agreement that they agree that they connot get along well.

Confusing......no, it is crystal clear.

The understanding between them was very clear and they respected that understanding. Give some thoughts on it and you will see the true view prevailing itself. Many are cheating themselves saying that they understand each other very well and are staying together. Most are just forcing themselves. Hope I didn't stir any "good" & "understanding" couples.

For a successful companionship, the best method is to refer to Stephen R. Covey's 7 habits of effective people - Seek to understand first, then to be understood. You try to understand others first and don't expect others to understand you first.

Anyhow I liked the "shortest fairy tale" very much for the kind of multi angle view on the subject. Thanks to Meleah and Dreamwalker.

Refer to the cartoon on "no confidence" vote described in th attached cartoon. I saw that cartoon in the drybonesblog. Give some thoughts on it and you will see the relevance to the word "understanding".