Thursday, February 26, 2009

August and September people, let’s shower this world with love and happiness.

To those who knows me will know that I am a little “human” type of person. Are there other types? Yes, you may ask and you may object. I define human as those who are related to the word “humane”. On a one-dimensional scale, we can categorize people into 2 main categories; humane and others. Forget about the others category.

Okay, regarding the people with humane qualities: type “humane” in MS Words and check the thesaurus for this word. You will see many feel good words.

If we try to see who are the people in this category, you will notice that you can name million and one people from all over the world. Yes, you are indeed very observant person and you are able to see the real quality of the people. If I ask you to see the similarities among the people you have named, you may in a way, identify a pattern.

Similar to the 7 habits of the highly effective people (by Stephen R. Covey), we can identify similarities in people whom we define as good people (that are humane).

I tried to carry out this observation among my own family members. My family means including the families of my 2 brothers. The list consists of my parents (2), my elder brother’s family (4), my family members (4) and my younger brother’s family (5); total=15.

Among all these people in my family circle, I will only recognize 9 people as good people. They are my parents(2), my son (1), my daughter(1), my sister-in-law (1), my nephews(2), my niece(1) and myself as the best. What is similar among us…………..we were all born in the month of August and September. Among the 15 members in my family, 9 great people were all born in August and September.

You say this has no basis………..Obama was born August. He is good right. Not enough !

Wait till August 2009 and you will see 2 more great people being born in the outer ring of my family circle.

We are waiting for one to be born in Kuala Lumpur…….my father’s younger brother’s first son’s 3rd child.

The other should be arriving in US to my father’s sister’s son - 2nd child.

As I told you in the 1st line, I am a little “human” type person. I love to be in a gathering of people especially gatherings of family members, it makes the gathering even more memorable.

August and September people, let’s shower this world with love and happiness.


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Mostly Virgo type or close to it.. so co-incident. As you know both Sangeet & myself oso Virgo ler

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Good observation.

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