Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lake, River and Water falls - What do they say?

Although all the 3 have one thing in common, which is water, but all 3 are called with different names. It is because of the condition of the water, the state of the water defines its name.

The stagnant water is called as lake (there are other names which brings slight variation to the term). The flowing water is called river where, water starts somewhere and goes to the sea. The flow is mostly smooth and consistent (again, there could be situations where it is also known as white waters where the flow is strong and fast). The water fall, as mentioned in its name, is where water drops from a higher point to another lower point (hopefully there is none the other way around).

We can say that the creator of the world placed the most important item for human (that is water) almost everywhere in this world. The creator also made them in many condition in order to suit man’s need.

Apart from consuming the water for livelihood, the creator has made water to support other life forms in order to sustain man’s need. Supply of life forms in the water that is consumable for man, support agriculture and also sustain man’s need to be clean.

Apart from all these basic essentials that are visible to man’s naked eyes, there is one more thing which happens without man noticing it. It is the nutrition that is supplied to man’s emotional need.

Have you ever wonder, how soothing it is to sit by the lake and ponder our life against the backdrop of calmness found in the lake.

Sitting at the riverside and letting our thoughts dance to the rhythm of the flowing river.

Standing at the edge of the water falls and associating our feelings to the water that falls from a height, splashed into million drops and dissolving into the calm collection of water.

The creator did not only provide what man needs to live a basic life but also to live a wonderful life with peace and harmony. The creator provided all the necessities for man to fulfill his physical needs and emotional needs.

Only problem is, we are always on the wrong frequency with nature. Don’t ask me why, ask the Lake, River and Water falls and listen to what they say?

I follow very passionately and I noticed him writing about trees that talked to him. I guess that, the creator has worked overtime to make sure human life is well taken care in this world.

Let’s say thanks and preserve the world.


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rainfield61 said...

It is my honour to have you following my blog regularly.

Hopefully we can understand what trees tried to talk and never misinterpreted the messages.