Thursday, January 22, 2009

OK, Geysers also tells us something

OK, Geysers also tells us something.

In my article “Lakes, Rivers & Water Falls….”, I defined water falls as water dropping from a higher point to a lower point. I also added a note that hopefully there is none the other way around.

Since I am always surrounded by genius minds, some told me to check on geysers. They go from down (inside earth) to up.

I agree that this can be also seen as a reversed water falls. Let’s not worry so much on the technical definitions. The main point is, what is it saying? Nature may have it’s own definitions, but mankind is given full authority to interpret as he wants.

Therefore, in my own view, I associate geysers to our own problems that are kept locked inside us. These problems that are kept within us are like gas chambers that hold high pressure. Although our body and mind can has a very high threshold, it is always better to release the pressure at right time. Keeping them longer may destroy the body and the mind that is keeping the pressure.

I don’t know much technical details about geysers but I think I have explained in simple manner what it is trying to tell us. Take time to spill out the things that are bothering you. Find a nice person (friends) and say it out.

OK, since we already know what the geysers are telling us, why not learn a little about them. Visit



Freeallcards said...

Is this the one that saved Brendan Fraser and the rest of the gang in "Journey to the Center of the Earth?

Til then!

Anonymous said...

Could be. But if they were coming out from geysers, wouldn't it be hoot....I mean really hot! said...

Oh yes, Geysers - the one we saw in US?

mysideofhistory said...

That's a good way of putting this. I think human being keep too much things inside them that can change into evil sometime. Your are right guyz let it all out you might feel better after that.